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Anonymous asked:

hey, if you are thinking of doing more of those glitch comics, can you do skyrim? i love the game but let's admit it it has a lot of hilarious glitches.

I haven’t had the time to play Skyrim yet, but I do have the game. I’d love to draw some glitches from it ,my dad had some quite hilarious ones, but I’m not sure if I should. I’ve seen a lot of video compilations etc with Skyrim glitches, I think every single possible glitch has been documented already… But I’ll just have to play it, maybe I’ll find some underappreciated or absolutely insane ones.

Thanks for the request, I’ll see what I can do :)

That only took forever, I’m sorry. I hope you people understand these, it’s always hard for me to draw something as abstract as glitches, bugs etc.

I left out the glitches that forced me to restart a mission or the entire console (they happened, too, and they were quite amusing, but too hard for me to draw).
Also, I can’t draw horses.

Robot blog or something

Hey guys, just a quick note:
I’ve been drawing a lot of Transformers-related things lately and I don’t know what to do with them, so instead of spamming this blog with yet more of my mindless insults to the human race, I created another tumblr blog where I just kinda put the Transformers stuff in. So, if you’re interested in subpar robot things, go check it out.

You can find it under

Have a lovely day, everyone!


Rung thingie without context by KleinKonan

I just stumbled over this by accident, I didn’t know somebody posted this on tumblr. I honestly didn’t expect to see it pop up, scared the shit out of me! 

Uhm…yeah, people, if you’ve been wondering what I do on DeviantART, it’s stuff like this =) I have yet to post something that isn’t robot-related, but I’ll get there eventually. 

(Source: purpleninja-shadowmaru)

Compilation of strange moments and things I didn’t get because I’m stupid

I finally had time to draw some of these, only took me nine months or so to do so (I am sorry). 

Who’s still uploading things about AC3 when AC4’s already out? Me. Maybe some of you like it! Next up are the glitches!

Penumbra: The Black Plague REWRAP

Here you have it, folks. The reason I havent’ been uploading anything for the past two months.

As some of you know, I am studying Game Design. We had to create a room of a video game of our choice. It had to look as if it could belong into the original game and there had to be a breach of style (either by changing into a new style or switching  into another game) after a while. We also had to make it from scratch, so all the models and textures etc here were made by me.

I am sadly not good at modelling, I definitely need to practice more, so my movie is very modest and far from impressive. Some of my classmates created stunning masterpieces and, well, I didn’t. But I am still proud of it, simply because I’ve gotten so much better since last year, when my modelling skills were absolutely awful. Even a slight improvement is an improvement.

I decided to share it with you guys, maybe some of you are interested in seeing what I was up to the last few weeks.

blueproductions asked:

Have you ever played Outlast? It's like Amnesia and Penumbra but it isn't by Frictional games. It would be fun to see your take on Miles Upshur and for him to join Philip, Daniel, and Oswald in hell.

I bought it very recently, but I haven’t had the time yet to play. Well, if I find him entertaining, I might make something with him. But I don’t know if I’ll have him join the others since he isn’t from a Frictional Games product. Maybe he’s a neighbour, or a…janitor or something. We’ll see. =) Thank you for the suggestion!

Just wanted to tell you people that I’m still alive.

There have been some wonderful designs for Oswald Mandus (mine’s still from that one time I made my first AAMFPcomic where there weren’t really any designs of him at all). Even though I don’t exactly like mine, I’ll stick to it because it’d be a bit confusing if I suddenly started drawing him completely different, I hope that’s okay. 

(I’ll get to the remaining AssCreed 3 Comics as soon as possible, I promise).

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